Zane Kuchera

(617) 765-4893
OBJECTIVE: A Senior Software Engineering Position
SUMMARY: Technical Lead and C++, Database, Java, J2EE Software Application Developer
·       Language: PHP, SQL, C/C++, Java, J2EE, C#, Swift, ColdFusion CFML, Ada, Pascal
·       Platform: Linux, Windows, IOS, OS X, Solaris, HPUX
·       API: .NET, jQuery, WPF, XAML, Cocoa, Win32, Swing, JNI, NT Services, COM/DCOM, ODBC/JDBC, ActiveX, NT Explorer Shell and Namespace Extensions, MMC, WBEM/WMI, STL, ATL, JSP, Servlets, JavaBeans, AWT, SNMP, MIDI, Verity/K2 Server
·       Tool: Microsoft Visual Studio, Xcode, Git, NetBeans, Eclipse IDE, CVS, Jakarta Tomcat, JRun, Perforce, ClearCase, Source Safe, Bounds Checker, Purify, Borland TogetherJ, Rational Rose UML
Zane Kuchera Multimedia Production & Design          7/2002-Present (Freelance / Contract)
·       Freelance Website Developer creating dynamic content using jQuery, C#, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, J2EE.
·       Children’s Hospital Boston: LAMP: Linux, Apache, MySQL,PHP, Javascript. Database design, dynamic website developer. 8/2009-9/2016
·       Certeon (Network Security/Acceleration): SQL RDBMS, J2EE, Windows, C++, Linux. Responsible for development of network management applications and network data transfer using socket programming in a multi-threaded environment. 1/05-7/05

·       M-Audio/Avid/Digidesign: C++, Windows. Responsible for the development of the file category engine subsystem, and assisting with user interface programming. MS Visual Studio, Perforce. 10/04-1/05
·       Comtrol (NTe/eCos embedded serial interface controller): C++, STL, Socket programming, J2EE, ASP, Javascript, Windows, Cygwin, Unix. Responsible for co-development of a cross-platform framework toolset. Rational Rose UML, Together C++ UML CASE tools, Source Safe, MS Visual Studio. 1/03-9/03
Allaire/Macromedia     3/00-7/02
Senior Software Engineer, ColdFusion Server Group, Visual Tools COM Group
·       Responsible for designing and implementing functionality to configure and execute full-text searches of documents and database query result sets throughout the enterprise using custom gateways and Verity K2 Full-Text Search Engine technologies
·       Developed in Java and C++. Used STL, JNI, JDBC, XML, MS Visual Studio, Borland JBuilder, CVS, ClearCase, Forte, and IntelliJ.
·       Designed and developed Application frameworks in C++ using STL to abstract various full-text search engines and to allow Macromedia products to use common interfaces for these search capabilities; metadata collection management, indexing, searching, and reporting.
·       This framework is included in the ColdFusion Application Server and is a multi-platform implementation (NT, Solaris, HPUX, Linux) and multi-lingual (25 Asian and European languages)
·       Enhanced COM components in the areas of Explorer Shell and Namespace Extensions to support FTP and RDS folder management
Stratus 3/98-3/00
Software Engineer Technical Lead, Windows NT System Management Group
·       Developed using UML, MS Visual C++, NT services, CIMOM providers, MMC GUI integration, STL, ATL, and COM/DCOM interfaces
·       Performed system requirements analysis, created functional and design specifications, mentored team members in object-oriented design, C++, COM, and WMI
·       Designed and coded prototype applications related to MMC, WBEM/WMI, CIM database schemas, and policy engines
·       Designed the system architecture and service interfaces
·       Designed and coded several of the NT services related to Policy and Alarm Management
Digital Equipment Corporation 7/97-3/98 (sold to Cabletron)
Principal Software Engineer, Network Products
Bay Networks 12/1996-7/1997 (projects relocated to CA)
Principal Developer/Software Manager, Optivity Enterprise SNMP NMS
Microcom 2/1993-12/1996
Software Engineer Technical Lead, SNMP NMS, expressWatch
Crest Audio 12/1991-2/1993
Software Engineer Technical Lead, Multimedia Control System NexSys
Fort Monmouth Department of Defense 7/83-12/91
Electronic Warfare Laboratories, Contracting Software Engineer
Mission Critical Intelligence Systems
·       Berklee College of Music
·       Continuing Education: “Developing J2EE Applications (Servlets, JSP, EJB) With JRun”, “Java For Enterprise Systems Development”, “Java For C++ Programming”, “Java Programming Language Course”, “Microsoft WBEM/WMI”, “Microsoft NT Internals”, “Advanced Network Configuration of Bay Routers”
·       American College of Computer & Information Sciences
      Brick Computer Science Institute