Richard Bachur, MD. "I have worked with Zane Kuchera over the last year to develop a web-based database for a healthcare quality improvement initiative. He is professional, conscientious, reliable and skilled. The project timeline was realistic and followed. He remained very responsive throughout the process. Based on his performance, we plan to continue working with Mr. Kuchera on a new effort." June 15, 2010

Pirooz Ehsassi, Comtrol Corporation (colleague): "Zane was real helpful in mentoring and helping the more junior software engineers to understand their tasks and objectives." December 18, 2010

Judy Appel, (client) Judy hired you as a IT Consultant in 2009 and hired you more than once. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative: “I had the opportunity to have Zane design some databases for me. His insight into the needs of the department, his ability to breakdown very clearly what was required due to his experience, and his eases of communicating were exceptional. Zane's creativity let to many out-of-the-box suggestions and his ability to implement them was superlative. I have the highest regard not only for his work but for his integrity, creativity, and personality.” January 15, 2010

Tak Wong, Principal Engineer, Certeon (colleague) worked directly with you: “Zane was a colleague at Certeon. His work with the company was crucial and unique. As I remember, both the management and fellow engineers valued his contribution to the project, and we had a great relationship, both at the professional and personal level. His personal style was rather laid-back, and mild-mannered, but his work ethics were excellent - punctual, effective, and very much a team player. As I understand, Zane also has other talents in music, writing, and graphics, besides his technical expertise. It is my pleasure to provide this recommendation for him.” January 13, 2010

Jason McClinsey, Software Product Manager, M-Audio (Division of Avid Technology) (colleague) managed you: “I worked with Zane on the M-Audio Session project. He was an excellent contributor to the success of the project, and my only regret was that we were unable to work together for a longer period. Zane is highly talented, extremely loyal, and 100% dependable, and I would not hesitate to recommend him in the field of software development.” October 24, 2008

J.T. Maki, Sr. Sw Eng, Allaire/Macromedia (colleague) managed you: “It was my pleasure to work with Zane at Allaire/Macromedia. He has genuine passion for technology, willingness to tackle any and all problems and assignments, capacity to absorb new information and turn that into workable, solid solutions. In addition, he is an easy going, pleasant individual who's easy to get along with.” September 14, 2009

Lorinda Boyd, Quality Assurance Engineer, Macromedia (colleague) worked with you: “As a Quality Assurance Engineer at Macromedia, I worked closely with Zane on a number of software projects. I regard Zane as one of the best IT professionals that I have ever had to pleasure to work with. Zane's software projects were complex and critcal to the software application. He took great care to understand the business requirements. He delivered excellent software code based upon his equally excellent technical specifications and code documentation. Zane always did extensive testing of his software programs prior to delivering the programs for formal quality assurance testing. Zane's efforts were instrumental in enabling the IT, Quality Assurance, and Product Managements teams to deliver quality software applications on time.” January 3, 2010

Bushan Byragani, Engineering Manager, Allaire Corp. (colleague) managed you: “Zane was a part of a different (UI) group and I convinced him to join my team as my interactions with him were very positive. As anticipated, Zane proved to be very good hire. He is extremely detail oriented, very good at verbal/written communication skills, presenting alternative solutions and seeking input. What stands out the most is the reliability as I could delegate/task and not have to worry about it being done to my expectations. Zane also a good team player who was constructive in meetings with peers and other groups such as QA and documentation. Zane was of course technically very proficient and the assumption would be that he has continued to improve and can be counted to contribute at architect level. I would recommend Zane without any hesitation as you will end with an employee who is a consummate professional requiring very little if any management.” January 4, 2010

Bob Lee, Technical Support Specialist, Crest Audio Inc. (colleague) worked with you: “I had the pleasure of working with Zane for a couple years at Crest Audio, and I knew him to be a very able and talented software developer. He also has a perfect personality for a collegial, cooperative, team-oriented work environment. He's not only a good innovator, but also a good person for colleagues to bounce ideas off of for review and constructive criticism.” January 6, 2010

Amy Syd, "Zane has been my web-site manager for several years. He's technically savvy, always comes up with quick solutions to problems and is kind, honest and helpful. I find him a joy to work with."

Michael Larson, "Zane was able to take my ideas and create a website better and more functional than what I had envisioned. Also, he was easy to work with and very receptive to any modifications that I wanted for the site."

Zola Shuman, "Working with Zane Kuchera Web Design on my website creation was a wonderful experience. Zane quickly assessed my company's needs and with patience and creativity, he accommodated all my design "wish lists". With his vast technical expertise and great understanding of the marketplace content requirements, he created a working website I am so happy with."

Joe Della Penna,(client) "Zane does excellent work, as you can see and hear for yourself."

Zola Shuman, (client) Zola hired you as a Graphic/Web Designer in 2006 and hired you more than once. Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity: “Zane's provides excellent, timely service with great expertise and creativity. He is very personable, easy to work with and very accommodating. Consistently scoring straight A's at Berklee College of Music, it is no wonder he is able to produce great results for his clients.” January 5, 2010