Zane Kuchera


Zane Kuchera is a Boston based composer and orchestrator for the stage, film, and TV. He is an alumnus of Berklee College of Music, majored in Contemporary Writing & Production as a vocal principal, and possesses a Master Certificate in Orchestration for Film & TV, and a Specialist Certificate in Lyric Writing.

Zane also teaches music composition, piano, and voice. He composes, arranges, and engineers studio recording sessions for local artists in the genres of Pop, Jazz, R&B, Soul, Musical Theater, and Classical. He is a member of ASCAP, NOMTI, BACA, and BSW.




  1. 2015 Lyricist for the new musical entitled "THE PERSISTENCE OF MEMORY" by playwright and composer John Surovy of NOMTI
  2. 2013 Producing, Composing, and Orchestrating music for the new musical "THE FLAMINGO RED TEA ROOM", by playwright Martha Patterson
  3. 2013 Producer, Composer, Orchestrator, and co-Lyricist for the new musical "LILY", by playwright Martha Patterson
  4. 2012 Producing, Composing, and Orchestrating music for the new musical "FAMILY WEEK", by playwright Richard Wayne
  5. 2009 Scored music for the musical “PARSIFAL”, by David Morrow
  6. 2006 Music Director, Arranger, and Composer for the musical Shakespeare In The Park, “AS YOU LIKE IT"
  7. 2005 Music Transcriber for the musical “SURVIVING THE NIAN”, by Melissa Li, The Theater Offensive, Boston, MA
  8. 2005 Music Director, Arranger, and Composer for the musical “SHELTER”, by Doug Allen


  1. 2012 Producer, Composer, and Orchestrator of the film score for the animation film "I'm Not Alone", by Tiffany Cooper
  2. 2011 Producer, Composer, and Orchestrator of the film score for a Clinique Advertisement by Victoria Rivera
  3. 2009 Scored music for the independent film “Catching On”, by Chuck Pistorino
  4. 2008 Scored music for the independent film “Safety Deposit Dreams”, by Zachary Wilson


  1. 2016 Producer, Composer, and Orchestrator for the music CD "Film Work"
  2. 2014 Joined forces with TAXI - The World’s Leading Independent A&R Company
  3. 2010 Producer, Composer, and Orchestrator for the music single "Scary Night Train"
  4. 2010 Producer, Composer, and Orchestrator for the music CD "Stage Work - Unproduced Instrumentals For Musical Theatre"
  5. 2010 Producer, Composer, and Orchestrator for the music single  "Horror House"
  6. 2010 Producer of the music single "Lonely Boy", by Jamie Murphy
  7. 2010 Producer of the music single "Just Loving Me", by Jamie Murphy
  8. 2009 Producer, Composer, and Arranger for the music CD “In The Light - Angelic Invocations”, a meditation CD by Pam Trosino
  9. 2009 Producer and Arranger for the music CD “Singing To Learn" - an educational music CD by the Lexington School System
  10. 2008 Producer for the music CD “Singer/Songwriter Showcase Volume I” featuring Zola, Elena J, Amy Syd, Jon Gilbert Leavitt, Rachel Katz, Zane Kuchera, Jenee Halstead, Martha Rogers, and Wayne Fritsche
  11. 2006 Producer for the music CD “Girl In The Picture Frame”, by Rachel Katz
  12. 2006 Producer for the music CD “An Arm Full of Flowers”, by Amy Syd
  13. 2006 Producer, Composer, Arranger, Keyboardist, and Vocalist for the music CD  “Shakespeare’s As You Like It - A New Musical Soundtrack” 
  14. 2003 Mastering Engineer for “Zola’s Jollypop Stagecoach” music CD by Zola Shuman
  15. 2002 Composer, Arranger, Keyboardist, Vocalist, and Producer of the music CD “Patterns"


  1. 2007 Featured Performer at The Amazing Things Art Center, Framingham, MA
  2. 2006 Keyboardist and Vocalist at BACA Open House, Club Cafe, Boston, MA
  3. 2003 Keyboardist and Vocalist at TCAN, The Center For Arts In Natick, Natick, MA
  4. 1999 Keyboardist and Vocalist at The Mews, Provincetown, MA


  1. 2014 Berklee College of Music, Master Certificate in Orchestration for Film and TV
  2. 2014 Berklee College of Music, Music Composition for Film and TV
  3. 2014 Berklee College of Music, Songwriting for Film and TV
  4. 2011 Berklee College of Music, Advanced Orchestration 2
  5. 2010 Berklee College of Music, Counterpoint
  6. 2009 Berklee College of Music, Orchestration 1
  7. 2007 Berklee College of Music, Music Production and Engineering - Critical Listening
  8. 2007 Berklee College of Music, Blues and Rock Keyboard Techniques
  9. 2006 Berklee College of Music, Film Scoring
  10. 2006 Berklee College of Music, Lyric Writing Specialist Certificate
  11. 2006 Berklee College of Music, Lyric Writing: Writing Lyrics to Music
  12. 2005 Berklee College of Music, Lyric Writing: Writing From the Title
  13. 2005 Berklee College of Music, Lyric Writing: Tools and Strategies
  14. 2004 Berklee College of Music, Contemporary Writing and Production Major, Voice Department
1) Film Work
©℗ 2016 Zane Kuchera Music (ASCAP), All Rights Reserved World Wide
Genre: Classical: Film Music
29 tracks of music for film and TV in a variety of genres, moods, and emotions, matching the characters and scenes. Performed by full orchestra and band.

2) Stage Work - Unproduced Instrumentals For Musical Theatre
©℗ 2010 Zane Kuchera Music (ASCAP), All Rights Reserved World Wide 
Genre: Easy Listening: Musicals/Broadway
A dynamic and emotionally charged collection of contemporary orchestrated instrumental music intended for the live stage.
3) Scary Night Train (Single)
©℗ 2010 Zane Kuchera Music (ASCAP), All Rights Reserved World Wide 
Genre: Classical: Film Music
Halloween season scary train and rain music.

4) Horror House (Single)
©℗ 2010 Zane Kuchera Music (ASCAP), All Rights Reserved World Wide 
Genre: Classical: Film Music
A Halloween scary orchestrated soundtrack including a creaky door, wolf howl and growl, gunshot, strings, and a pipe organ.

5) In The Light - Angelic Invocations
© 2009 Pamela Trosino and Zane Kuchera
℗ 2009 Zane Kuchera Music (ASCAP), All Rights Reserved World Wide 
Genre: New Age: Meditation
60 minutes of guided angelic meditations and accompanying new age music. It's a chance for you to establish a quiet time to reflect, relax, and renew in the presence of the angels.

6) Zane Kuchera Records Presents Singer/Songwriter Showcase Volume I
©℗ 2008 Zane Kuchera Music (ASCAP), All Rights Reserved World Wide 
Genre: Pop
An eclectic mix of 22 songs in the genres of Folk, Pop, Jazz, Cabaret, and R&B from various recording artists.
7) Shakespeare's "As You Like It" - A New Musical Soundtrack
©℗ 2006 Zane Kuchera Music (ASCAP), All Rights Reserved World Wide 
Genre: Easy Listening: Musicals/Broadway
A smooth blend of warm vocals and a lush orchestral contemporary arrangement of new music for Shakespeare's play "As You Like It", using Shakespeare's lyrics. Soundtrack ready for stage production. Score available. Contains all original instrumental musical compositions to Shakespeare's lyrics. This work was inspired and used by the Gazebo Players of Medfield, Massachusetts in July of 2006, directed by David Logan-Morrow, plus vocal performances of those songs by Zane Kuchera. 

8) Patterns
©℗ 2005 Zane Kuchera Music (ASCAP), All Rights Reserved World Wide 
Genre: 80’s Pop
Warm, sensual, deep, lush, male vocals with rich musical arrangements weaving through the emotional life journey from adolescence into adulthood. An original collection of Pop/Soft Rock songs about love, life, and relationships.




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Stephen Schwartz, Stephen Sondheim, Burt Bacharach, Carole King, John Bucchino, Jimmy Webb, Barbra Streisand, Alan and Marilyn Bergman, Bach, Mozart, Sting, Diana Ross, Jennifer Holiday, Cher, Deborah Cox, Madonna, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Sade, Luther Vandross, Josh Groban, Whitney Houston, Annie Lennox, Taylor Dayne, Dionne Warwick, B.J. Thomas, Mariah Carey, Brenda Russell, George Michael, Bonnie Raitt, Stephanie Mills, Kenny Loggins, Peter Gabriel, David Benoit, Curtis Stigers, Bruce Hornsby, Michael Feinstein, Anita Baker, Regina Belle, Joshua Kadison, Sarah McLachian, James Taylor 


“Zane Kuchera is a talented, conscientious, music producer/writer/ recording engineer. I hired Zane a number of times to produce/record my original songs. Zane is skilled in music production and has a professional attitude to match. I would not hesitate to recommend Zane for a variety of creative musical projects, including scoring for jingles and film/video.” - Jamie Murphy (Musician / Songwriter / Recording Artist)

"Zane worked with me composing the music for the five songs William Shakespeare wrote for his play, AS YOU LIKE IT. Unlike some composers, Zane readily understood what was needed and went about the task without flinching! Working with Zane was indeed a pleasure and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. is unique, beautiful, powerful, personal and moving. When a singer can open up his soul and share his feelings with people he's never met -- that's an artist." - David Logan-Morrow (playwright)

"In every song, Zane wears his heart on his sleeve, and it's a gorgeous heart. Zane's strong tenor rings out with understated candor" - Lindsay Cobb (Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange)

"You were professional, experienced, skilled, and extraordinarily reliable. You were familiar and confident with your work, and it was an absolute pleasure to work with you. Not to mention you were friendly, supportive, and easy to work with! I highly recommend you for any type of composition, transcribing, or notation work" -Melissa Li (playwright, composer "Surviving The Nian", The Theater Offensive, Boston, MA)

"I was so pleased to witness Zane's debut as a solo cabaret singer at Amazing Things this week. Zane is a true delight as a person: kind and gentle and compassionate with a well of emotions that is both deep and very near the surface. These words could also be used to describe him as a performer. In a set that included John Bucchino, Jimmy Webb, and original work, Zane charmed and moved all of us and delivered a very special 40 minutes of warmth on a cold night. Bravo, Zane!" - Wayne Fritsche (Actor/Songwriter/Vocalist)

“An engaging performance where Zane, with his tall and handsome elegance, peers into your soul
with his clear blue eyes and caresses you with his warm soothing vocals. He delivers the song directly to your heart from his with a beautiful balance of raw emotion infused with passion and musical technique.” - Zola (Recording Artist/Songwriter/TulipSongs International)

"Zane Kuchera sings with conviction - allowing the words to come through him and have meaning for him and the audience. His lovely tenor voice is a pleasure to hear.
"You were absolutely wonderful - so open, so sincere, so communicative, so real. And you sang beautifully. Thank you for a splendid evening." - Leslie Holmes (Host, Amazing Things Arts Center)